The Largest & Most Comprehensive
Archive of Film Posters in the World

The archive was assembled by a graphic arts-inspired film scholar over a 36 year period. Each poster was hand-picked.

The archive includes something from every film to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards, every film in the American Film Institute’s Top-100 Films and every film in the Internet Movie Database’s Top-100 Films, each an industry standard for the most important films ever made. There are over 12,250 posters from 56 countries.

What makes this archive so special is the breadth of posters from famous films. 100 of the most popular films ever made are each represented by at least 5 posters. Some of the most popular titles, however, are represented by many, many more. For example, STAR WARS, BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI, MIDNIGHT COWBOY and THE GODFATHER are each represented by over 30 examples.

The archive includes many obscure rarities like SCHINDLER’S LIST from Israel, GANDHI from India and INDIANA JONES from Egypt. While many of these may not be among the most valuable, they are among the most unique.

This is not a collection of the most beautiful and expensive posters, but rather a compilation from famous movies from as many countries as possible. No other collection allows for comparing and contrasting artwork for the same famous films across international borders.

The archive represents 115 years of American culture. It is a microcosm of our economic and social history through film.

Film posters were created as commercial advertising art with an expected life of only a few days. When the film left the theatre, the posters were generally discarded. By contrast, other collectible items like baseball cards and comic books were sold to the public and were expected to last.

Because film posters were produced in small quantities on fragile paper stock and had one sole limited purpose, very few survive today.

The archive is properly stored alphabetically by size and country of origin. There is a complete list of film titles with digital images and film credit information available.

This archive is truly unique in its scope and breadth. Posters are continually being added so the archive improves its dialogue as a cultural statement documenting American history.

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